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Cooee overnight campsite Tasmania
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Just us, our van and a map of Australia
Connington Beach Tasmania
About us


Back in 2019 we decided it would be a great idea to pack up and see what the rest of the country was like so the planning started.

It's 2023 and we've sold the house, bought a small flat as home base and for the youngest (adult) kiddo and the pets.
Home is where the Van is as we travel Australia in our 15ft Manta Ray which at the moment is somewhere between Tas and WA. 
We love getting out and exploring, cycling, hiking and geocaching (google that) so plenty of activities to keep us busy.
Paul is very much the watersports type so we're taking the Sailboards and SUP along with his fishing rods and fossiking gear. 
I like to get out there but I also love reading, crocheting and never quite grew out of computer games which means those solar panels are very important. That keeps me busy while Paul is fishing lol.
The budget is pretty tight so we'll be watching the outgoings very closely to see just how far we can go and how much we can see on what we have.
The research has been done, the numbers crunched and after all it can't be that hard right?


                                                                         Cindie and Paul.                                       

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