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About Us

Hiking in the Flinders Ranges

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Back in 2019 we came up with a 2yr plan to eventually move into a caravan and travel Australia.  So we sold our house and almost everything we owned, did a lot of research and bought a van (not quite in that order)
Fast forward to July 22 and everything is in place, we  have lived in the van 24/7 since December and are on the Mainland.
We both enjoy exploring, hiking and Geocaching.
Paul is into Watersports while I prefer to keep my feet a bit drier chilling with my computer or a crochet hook. 
So with all that we're pretty sure we'll keep busy.

How do we fund this? Well the quick answer is very carefully!
We have a couple of rental houses which cover some of the costs, we are very good at working on a tight budget and we will have to go back to working a bit over summers in Tas.

Who knows how it will all work, what will go right, what will go wrong and if we'll even want to continue this journey we have embarked on but however things turn out it'll certainly be fun!

Paul and Cindie

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