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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

St Marys Bay to Fitzgerald Bay

After the Nullabor we needed a couple of days to sit by the beach and a few short hops to save on all the driving. Besides this part of the country was magnificent, ok so was everything else but lets just move on...

We spent almost a week wandering our way around the coast from St Marys Bay to Fitzgerald Bay starting with a couple of nights at St Marys. Free camping parked up on the sand dunes with an amazing view up and down the beach made for a perfect break from the car. Given the bright sunny weather we took ourselves for a bit of a walk around the peninsula to look at the beaches and the waves rolling in, I suspect the wind had a lot to do with how big they were. As lovely as this spot was we moved on without extending.

Heading into Coffin Bay we were greeted by their self appointed Welcoming Committee who were kind enough to not allow us to drive forward until we'd been properly welcomed into the town. We did a bit of a drive about and had a look but the weather was starting to do it's thing so we headed off to our next campsite which I completely forgot to photograph. Having said that Farm Beach campground is a bargain at $10 a night with toilets onsite and the beach a short stroll away.

The day we drove from Farm Beach to Fitzgerald Bay was the hottest we'd experienced in this trip, being warm is nice but 44C is not, so we spent the day travelling and mostly staying in the car with the aircon going. When we arrived at the campsite the first thing we did was go for a swim, then a small break, then another swim. Salad sandwiches for dinner because it was still too hot to cook anything at 8pm. Having said all that this is a nice campsite, it seemed we were camped a long way from the water until the tide came in up to about 4m from the van so perhaps it was best we'd camped back a little. We had a couple of nights here while Paul got out on the sailboard for some fun. Not many people about but often the wind makes them leave. It probably not so amazing that we never do get tired of beaches...


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