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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Upper Natone Reserve.

Free camping about half an hour south of Penguin or Burnie.

Upper Natone Reserve is on Blythe Rd, Upper Natone and is a lovely combination of wooded areas and wide open spaces just calling for a good game of tag or a football/frisbee toss. Or you can just set up a nice campfire in one of the ready to go fireplaces and sit back with a drink and cheese platter.

No fees or bookings are required, the reserve is managed by Burnie City Council and a very dedicated group of volunteers who do an amazing job of keeping this area as beautiful as it is.

What is on offer?

There is a single toilet on site and plenty of fireplaces to use, bring your own firewood and they prefer you to not use your own firepit which is fair enough really. There is plenty of room on the grassed areas for anything from Campers and Caravans to Tents. We also noticed there are plenty of picnic tables scattered about. Other than that it's only about half an hour's drive to either Burnie or Penguin so makes a great base for exploring the area, or just hanging about relaxing.

About that area to explore?

Penguin is well worth a visit just for itself, it's small, pretty and has the usual cute shops and a Sunday Market along with a mountain bike park for the more adventurous in the family. Outside of town, there is Wings Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains Caves and a number of bushwalks and mountains to climb in the nearby Dial Range. On the way to check out Burnie (assuming you do), there is a short stroll to Guide Falls which is very nice in Spring.

Back to the reserve which is the point of the post. There are a few surprises as you explore about, we found an adorable fairy garden space and spent some time wandering about discovering little houses and mushrooms. Hidden in amongst the trees is the Pat Crane Memorial Shelter, great for a picnic lunch or a BBQ dinner. That pretty much sums up this space, well worth a visit. It's very well cared for, beautiful spaces and plenty of room for camping. You can bring your pets but they must be on leash and as always clean up after them. If everyone takes the same care of the reserve it will still be there to visit the next time.


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