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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

The Pinnacles

Thousands of years old formed from an ancient shells there seem to be several theories on how they became the pinnacle shape. However it happened they were pretty cool to go see.

A bit of a short blog this time, mostly because I've discovered most of the pictures look very alike but the area is still worth a mention so here we are. We had a very quick look in Cervantes on the way through and it's a pretty seaside town but the real draw in the area was 15 minutes south at the Pinnacles. We chose to stay in the car and take a driving tour around. The flies were insane, it was impossible to be out of the vehicle for long without being covered in them so walking the trail would have been really unpleasant.

The Pinnacles themselves were a bit of a surprise. I expected them to be bigger for some reason but they ranged from under 1m up to 4m tall so height wasn't what makes them spectacular. It really was the sheer numbers of them, some where a bit spread out but there were crowded groups of them in places and all the way around it was hard to figure out where to point the camera. It costs $15 to take the car through no matter how many people are in it, the drive around takes an hour or so, it really depends on how many times you stop to look and take pictures. You'll need to make sure you have sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water with you, it gets very hot and there's no shelter from the sun. We managed to go in at a very quiet time of year so there weren't a lot of other people about but I imagine it gets very busy so you might find the trip around a bit slower than expected.

We ended our visit at the Discovery Centre but not before we found this gorgeous not so little Lizard at the lookout in the middle of the Pinnacles. He wasn't particularly afraid of us so that made for some good pictures. The Centre was interesting to wander about and see what flora and fauna live in the area along with some information and theories on why the Pinnacles are a thing. The gift shop has some really cool stuff as well if that's your thing (it kinda was ours). And this was the point that we caved and bought ourselves flynets for our hats, they were in our ears and eyes and driving us crazy and who cares about fashion anyway?

If you're in the area come see for yourselves, absolutely worth seeing at least once.


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