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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Stanley Recreation Ground

Self contained camping at low cost, walk down to the beach or to town.

Stanley is one of the must see locations when traveling around Tasmania. Stunning views, cute shops, and penguins. There is a Caravan park for those who want all the bells and whistles but for the budget conscious who are self contained, the Rec Ground is perfect.

No bookings required, simply arrive and set up. A very nice lady from the golf club came around late afternoon to collect the campsite fee of $10.

What do you get?

Well this one is fairly basic, simply a grass paddock right by the beach. You can bring your pets with the usual keep them onlead rules that are everywhere. There are rubbish bins at one end and a dumpsite with a tap and that's about it. Public toilets are about a 5 minute walk away by the caravan park if you don't mind the hike but this site is designed for self contained campers. But for $10 a night, it's well worth the stay, we haven't tried the meals at the golf club yet but we intend to.

I'm here what next?

There are a few nice little shops to browse through, and just a walk about the town itself is worthwhile. If eating out is your thing Marleys does a nice breakfast and the pub is good for dinner though in recent years they've gone a bit more 'upmarket' in style and price.

Of course, you can't visit Stanley without going up to the top of The Nut. For those less able or willing to manage the very steep walk up there is a chair lift but some of the view angles from the walking track make it kinda worth it. The beaches are gorgeous and you can visit the penguin platform to watch them come in after dusk. A short drive up the road is the historic Highfields site to go visit, we've done a drive past but not stopped. Be aware Stanley can get very windy which of course is why we visit so Paul can get his Windsurfing fix so at any time of year it can be cold but then that is just Tassie really.


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