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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Port Pirie to Quorn

We did a bit of sightseeing on our way to Quorn from Port Pirie, if we tried to see everything we'd never make it out of SA but we certainly did our best!

Our first stop out of port Pirie was Port Germein. A pretty little town that would be great for a summer getaway, their big claim to fame however is the longest Jetty in the southern hemisphere 1676m. The water was fairly shallow a long way out and incredibly clear, we could stand on the Jetty and watch the schools of whiting swim past.

We made a fairly quick stop in Port Augusta, there is a lot to do and see in this area and there just wasn't the time so we'll have to come back. We did go look at the station for the Pichi Richi Railway which is an old steam or heritage diesel train running between Port Augusta and Quorn. The murals in the station are lovely and the station itself worth a glance.

We stopped a night at the Lions Park camp just on the edge of town, self contained for $15 a night, there aren't a lot of sites but we didn't have any problems getting in. The campground is interesting to look around with the Pioneer Machinery Society items onsite. Across the road is a bike track and a very nice park, so this makes for a great overnight stay.

The big drawcard for us here was the old railway station and railyards out the back. Given Paul really adores all things train related we spent a bit of time here looking around and taking a LOT of pictures (check Instagram). The town has a very historic feel which is likely why they used it for movies like Wolf Creek, we spent a bit of time looking around at the old buildings. At night time they put on a light show projecting images onto the huge silos behind the visitor center, a bit of a difference to the usual murals. We had a nice couple of days travelling along this route, some things need a bit more of a look at but the Flinders Ranges was calling to us so we'll have to come back another time.


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