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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Onward to William Creek.

We took a couple of days to get to Coober Pedy from Farina, there were things to see along the way and there really was no hurry

Our first stop from Farina was Maree, but on the way into town we had to stop and find out why there was a big stone man standing in the middle of nowhere. The commemorative plaque by the road said John Stuart's expedition passed through this spot in 1836. Hope he brought warm clothes, despite the sunshine it was freezing out there lol. Of course we had to stop off at the old Maree railway station and check out the trains. After lining up for fuel with everyone else we had a look around at the memorials to the Camel drivers who came out and helped shape this part of the country.

We hit the Oodnadatta track from Maree and while it's no 4 lane highway it wasn't as bad as we expected, of course not phone reception this far away from what we'll call civilisation but what they did have was the Mutonia Sculpture Park. If you're ever in this part of the world it's absolutely a must! We spent ages wandering about taking pictures and even then we missed some pieces. Couldn't resist catching the little zebra finches flying about one of the sculptures.

The rest of the way to William Creek was just as you'd expect: Flat, Dusty, endless with the occasional herd of cows because the road actually runs right through Anna Creek Station. It was surprising though given it's only about 200k to William Creek from Maree that it took us most of the day to get there, what with all the stops to look at interesting things along the way.

I was going to keep going onto Coober Pedy with this one but the post ended up bigger than I expected lol. William Creek is just a Pub, campground and an airstrip in the middle of the worlds largest cattle station at 23,777sq kms. We parked in the campground then wandered across to the pub to check in and book our table for dinner. Camping is $24 a night with access to toilets and showers so not too bad. We wandered about and took some pictures for a while after setup before dinner. Meals were pretty good, standard prices and a dining room with a great atmosphere. And as always we took way more sunset pictures than we needed to but it was very pretty.


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