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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Old Macs Farmstay

Chill laid back caravan and motorhome campground, great atmosphere, nice owners and adorable animals to chat to on your morning walk, what more could you want?

Old Macs is located on Sandown Rd Norwood. We spent most of the first half of 2023 here getting ready for the trip and it's a fantastic place to stay if you want to do some things around Launceston.

Just roll on in, find a site then fill out the registration form and pay $15 a night (cash or transfer) at one of the info sheds, and just settle in. Powered sites require online booking.

So what is it like?

Simply it's great. We've stayed in about 4 different locations at this stage with all the comings and goings we've done. There are a lot of out in the open types around the main lake which are so good for the solar panels and a bit closer to the one small toilet block (we'll come back to that later). Around the second smaller lake there are some spots between hedges/shrubs which would appeal to anyone looking for a bit more privacy. Beyond that are more of the out in the open types. All of the sites have easy access to plenty of water taps spread across the park at $2 a fill, We have a good idea what we use so we pay upfront for our water. There's heaps of room, we've only seen them totally fill up once or twice when there were multiple big events on at once in Launnie.

Ok so back to the toilets. There is a block of 4 stalls as you drive in that are for the campers, if you time it right you can avoid the morning and evening lineups or just use your own, being self contained is a requirement (according to the signs). There is a dump point up by the loos as well which has only recently been added, which makes dealing with that really easy. What else?

Your furry friend is welcome to tag along on your adventure on lead and take them with you when you leave for the day. As you can imagine it's not fun for other campers if your little friend voices their sadness at being alone in the van for hours. One of the fun parts of staying here is all the adorable dogs I get to meet along the way oh and that one cat I saw being walked along on a lead.

There are a few nice walking tracks around the lakes and up onto the ridge behind for that birdseye view of your van. There are a couple of really cool huge eagle nests to look out for and when the waterbirds have their fluffy little babies following them around it's so cute. You can stop by and visit the animals along the way, there are goats, rabbits, ponies, donkeys, highland cows..... the donkeys had little babies back in Jan/Feb and they've made themselves popular by just being their adorable selves. And of course, there's Harold the duck, he's an interesting personality if he decides to come visit you. He's not dangerous but loves to chase the kids. One group figured him out and had a lovely game of tag which he seemed to enjoy.

There is a restaurant onsite which isn't owned by the campground, they do really nice food and good coffee if eating out is your thing. We wandered up there for a birthday breakfast a few weeks ago, you can sit inside or out and they even have a doggy menu so everyone gets a treat.

In all a great place to stay for local activities, not as pricey as the caravan parks, and a lot prettier than some. They are only open from around Dec to the end of May mostly due to the fact that the area is a bit (lot) of a floodplain and not suitable during winter. Given we plan to come back to Tas every summer this is going to be a regular visit for us


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