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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Mt Ohlssen-Bagge

Ohlssen-Bagge is a nice little 6.4km return walk with gorgeous views over the mountains and into the Wilpena Pound.

We set off first thing in the morning partly because we thought it might be nice to have lunch on the top and because the signs said not to set off after 1pm or if the temperature was going to go over 30deg. Lucky for us it was only about 26c so either way all good. The track was very uphill (surprise surprise) so going up was a bit slower but that gave us a great chance to catch all the views on the way which were of course fantastic. The grass trees were in flower with a full compliment of Bees so that was pretty cool and we kept seeing lizards darting back under rocks or just sunning themselves ignoring us, usually until I got the camera out then they suddenly got all shy.

What can I say? Grass trees, views, flowering shrubs and that adorable little lizard just poking his head over the rock, he didn't even move when I stepped around him to take a picture from behind. And as with the rest of our trip so far the weather was gorgeous and perfect for pictures of the views.

We made it to the top, wraps for lunch (found a recipe and made my own) with a very cute pair of skinks hiding under the rock I was sitting on, one was less shy than his friend so we managed a picture of him. Yes we found a Geocache almost at the top so of course we nabbed that. The views were well worth the hike up, the wildlife were so adorable, ok mostly lizards but the range of patterns and colours was fun.


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