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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Milligans Island and Sandy Cape.

We spent an extra couple of weeks at Coronation beach after Kalbarri then started making our way south down the always amazing WA coastline. Both Milligans Island and Sandy Cape were longer stops than planned, great campsites.

We stopped in at Milligan's Island (Yes I know what your brain just called it) for a couple of nights, not too pricey at $20 per night (cash needed), good size campsites, clean amenities and walking distance to the beach. We had a great stay, the rock formations at the beach were amazing particularly at sunset. The dunes were incredible, very fine, very bright white sand that made us sink up to our shins, we had a lot of fun checking those out. I'd say well worth the stop and if we were in the area this would be a return visit.

Sandy Cape campground was fa bit of a longer stay, 4 nights with the beach just over the dune from the campsite. There is an envelope system for camp fees at a booth at the entry We spent the days swimming and fishing (for not much) and local windsurfing when the wind came up. Wendy and Chris joined us again for a few days so we had some great company. The wildlife was definitely out and about, we saw half a dozen or so Stumpy lizards and the snakes were absolutely awake and moving, one of our neighbours had one slither through is campsite while he sat there watching it.

It's been really difficult to pick a favourite campground, they've each had something really cool about them, loved Milligan's Island and Sandy Cape equally, we'll no doubt be back.

Sand dunes western australia
Dunes at Milligans Island


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