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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Lime Bay Reserve Camping

Lime Bay Reserve Campground is located on the tip of the Tasman Peninsula. Plenty of space and beautiful shallow beaches make it great for families. There is an information board at the entrance to the campground with an honesty box to put camp fees into. Costs are $13 a night for two, $5 extra per adult and $2.50 extra per child 5-17yrs.

Facilities are what you'd expect, a toilet block of 4, BYO water and firewood, they do have places where people had fires on the ground but we prefer to use our own firepit, does less damage that way. And of course, take away all your own rubbish. It's a reserve so unfortunately no dogs allowed. Otherwise, the usual considerate campers rules apply.

There are a lot of animals about camp. The Wallabies are everywhere, wandering up to the campsites and getting really close. Nighttime brought out the Possums and their babies, we played a bit of spotlight on the way to the Loo. The trees were full of very pretty parrots and of course, the morning chorus when the Kookaburras woke up. We even saw a Wombat on one of our strolls around. I'd like to take a moment to ask that people not try to feed the wildlife, and make sure all your food is packed away when you leave your site. It's very bad for their health and well-being, we want them to still be there and healthy for the next visitors. They are very good at taking care of themselves.

We spent 3 days exploring the area and didn't make it as far as Port Arthur so there is plenty to keep you busy. Lime Bay itself is very sheltered and shallow which makes it a good swimming spot, though you need a boat or kayak to get to the good fishing. Lagoon Bay is a half-hour walk from camp and worth a look. Just down the road is the Coalmines Historic Site which we spent a morning exploring. And we spent a day doing a bit of a loop around checking out Premaydena, Nubeena and around to Roaring Beach which had a Surf comp going to add to the entertainment. To sum it all up this is a great little campground with plenty of choice for activities, if you like kayaking, just hanging at the beach or checking out the interesting sights in the area it's perfect. And only an hour from Port Arthur it would make a decent base for the whole peninsula if you don't mind the extra driving.



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