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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

We spent our last day in the area in The Olgas and wow what a spot! No idea why Uluru gets all the love, this place was amazing!

We arrived at the carpark nice and early, van in tow because we were off along the great central road west afterward. Despite arriving just after sunrise, we found ourselves joined by a tour bus group. We didn't see heaps of them as we moved through given our habit of stopping every minute or so to photograph everything that caught our eyes. There are only two walks listed for Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and we did them both of course. The Valley of the Winds was a bit of a decent walk, 7kms of up and down track with some amazing views hiding around the corners. There was a sign very early in the track with open or closed notices on it depending on the day and time. We were there at the right time of year because the tracks are closed on any day getting hotter than 36 and when you imagine what it would be like in there once the rocks really heat up it's easy to see why.

Once we got through the rocks and out to the flats on the other side there were so many wildflowers to look at, I managed to keep the pictures down to just a few here but we did spend a while there taking pictures and checking out the ones we hadn't seen before. The rocks from a distance were amazing all over again. We would seriously suggest anyone coming up to this area make sure you take the time to check this spot out, not to put down Uluru but this was better lol

We did the very short stroll into Walpa Gorge before we headed out. At this point I'm running out of descriptive words to use, magnificent, awe inspiring, magestic, amazing, spectacular... the list goes on. Our Didgeridoo player from the day before showed up to play at the waterhole at the end of the walk and the huge walls created the most incredible echo back which the artist used to his advantage working the echo into the music.

We really did have the best time in this spot, took so many pictures and were a bit sad to leave. But the Great Central Road was calling so off we went!

Kata Tjuta
The Olgas


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