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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Kanku-Breakaways & Toddys Bush Camp.

Our last day at Coober Pedy we took ourselves out to the Breakaways to watch the sunset. The next morning we were off on our next leg of the journey and spent a night at Toddys Bush Camp, a lovely little campground tucked away from the road noise.

Kanku-Breakaways National Park is just over 30km north of Coober Pedy and really has it's own type of 'Wow' factor. We headed off just after lunch across long plains of, well, desert really which even by this point is still incredible given we're used to winding roads and lush greenery. We stopped off beside part of the Dog fence designed to keep the Dingoes out, which runs for 5300kms across three states. Of course what would a visit to the Dog fence be without making friends with a couple of dogs??

We were slightly early for sunset but it was well worth the wait. The further west we drove the more spectacular the sunsets were. A tour bus rolled up at the appropriate time and we got talking to one Tasmanian who recognised the plates then another wandered over to see if this was the Tasmanians at Sunset meeting. Then the cameras came out and we all got distracted by the amazing views and colours. What a perfect way to say goodbye to the Coober Pedy area.

I thought I'd tack the next nights stop onto this blog because while it's absolutely worth a mention, there's not enough for an entire blurb lol Toddys was huge, we found it on Wikicamps and drove right to the back near the rail line which completely took away the road noise and we had the place to ourselves for the night. The wildflowers were all over and a very interesting sounding bird who we never did manage to catch on camera. The only downside to this spot was the insane amount of flies during the daytime, we went for a look about then I went and hid in the Van away from them until Sunset when apparently they have a bedtime and all just vanished. From then on it was lovely to just sit back by the campfire and watch yet another beautiful sunset.


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