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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Geocaching Trip Penguin area.

This is going to be a fairly short post, taking up geocaching will require some of your own research rather than me typing pages and pages of detail. But it's well worth checking out as a wonderful companion to travelling. One of our favourite hobbies is Geocaching, basically a big worldwide treasure hunt using coordinates from the geo website. It's taken us to the most amazing places and a large number of hidden out of the way gems that we would never have otherwise found. As always Paul gets to demonstrate given I'm on the other side of the lens but here he is signing the logbook with our Tag before rehiding the cache right back where we found it for the next person.

Geocaching is fun, free and a great little activity for when you're travelling about. The community is generally very friendly and also a lot of fun. Awesome for the little people too!

Some of the Geocaches are tucked away in the bush where there aren't too many people to catch you at your secret little hobby. You might want to also keep in mind that some of the people you meet geocaching aren't the human types. We do make sure we have a first-aid kid capable of handling snakes etc.

Then there are the urban versions where you are likely to get odd looks from the locals wondering why you are staring at the old miniature railway for 15 minutes and inspecting every nook and cranny. Yes sometimes what you are looking for is the size of your smallest fingernail and we do curse those who put them down.

All up it's a very fun little hobby you can use your smartphone to play, there is a small annual fee to get premium membership but for us, it's well worth the cost. Whether you're looking for a tiny button with a small rolled log book in it or a 10L box full of swappable stuffed toys (yep found that one) there's always that little charge of 'found it!' and the kids get a huge kick out of the hide and seek of the game too!


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