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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Geocache run from Conningham to Kettering

We headed out over Easter, again when it happened to be sunny to go track down all the Geocaches we could find between Conningham and Kettering. Of course, the fact that there were some very nice beaches to look at along the way didn't hurt much. We started out at Conningham Beach which is lovely with the cutest painted beach huts along the sand.

From there we took the cliff track along to Legacy Beach, lots of ups and downs, amazing views of the ocean from the top of the cliffs and plenty of other walkers to say hello to as we passed. Care does need to be taken along here with children and dogs need to be leashed but it's well worth the walk along. Of course, we did stop to pick up Geocaches along the way and at Legacy Beach.

And speaking of, Legacy Beach is absolutely worth a visit. I took so many pictures there it's hard to figure out which ones to put up. We had the entire beach to ourselves, for walking along and it would make a great spot to stop for lunch or a swim if the weather happens to be warm enough which it almost was... not quite, but almost.

Our last stop of the day was Trial Bay, there is a nice little walk over the cliffs back toward Kettering (or the other direction as you like) and a nice little geocache trail to pick up as you go. We never get tired of beautiful sea views and this one didn't let us down either. Once we got to the end of our trail we stopped to watch the Bruny Island Ferry pass before heading back. There is a very nice spot with a seat to relax and contemplate or rest your feet. I know I didn't focus much on the geocaching aspect of this little trip out, mostly because it's a lovely area to explore regardless of if you cache or not and partly because those who are in the know can very easily find out more from the relevant websites (yes we GC and GCA, the more the merrier right?).


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