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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Free camp on the Murray at Mildura.

We arrived in Mildura on our second day on the mainland and stayed 5 nights, the area was so beautiful and relaxing and we just couldn't leave. You'd need to be self contained, there are no toilets or drinking water that we saw, but then the campsites are free so no complaints.

There is plenty to do at camp. We sat back and watched the houseboats float past or the fish make big splashes. There was definitely something to catch in the river, though we're almost certain it was Carp, keep in mind if you want to fish in the Murray at this location you need a NSW fishing permit. Otherwise you can kayak, swim or any other fun water activity.

If you get tired of watching the river flow past, you can head down to check out the Psyche Bend pump house, built in 1890 as part of a scheme to combat the drought at the time. Head into town and check out the riverfront, Loch 11, the historical buildings or just do a spot of shopping.

The area is also very big for wines so perhaps a winery visit or two might be your thing. We could have easily spent another week in the Mildura area, we know we didn't see it all but there's always the next time right?


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21 juil. 2023

All wrong, govt should pay you to catch carp. Cost millions to rid Tassie of carp

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