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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Farina Campground and Ruins.

We spent a night at Farina in their lovely campsite and had a look around the town ruins.
Well worth a visit and at $5 a night very reasonable.

This whole blog became a bit of a history of the town thing but it's an interesting story: In 1876 some Surveyors from the city headed out this way and decided it would make a great place for a town with grand ideas for wheat farming in the area. Of course they happened to visit at a time when there was a lot of water around and they had a few good rainy years so they must have got a surprise when things returned to their usual dry state.

The Railway arrived in 1882 and by the 1890's the town had a population of 600. By 1960 the school and post office were closed with the store following along by '67 and the town deserted by the early '80's.

In 2009 plans were made to restore the town as much as possible which included putting the old Scottish Oven back to work as a Bakery. It's only open May - July each year and you'll have to watch their website for dates. We missed it this year so we'll have to put it on the calendar for another trip!

About the Campground, it's a good size so you don't have to be parked right up against people if you don't want to be. There are showers and toilets though we just used our own. The cost is $5 a night and they have envelopes etc at the front gate for signing in. There was no phone reception unless you went and stood on the Verandah of the visitors center. After we arrived and set up, we took the bikes on a tour of the town, took a lot of pictures and found the geocache that was here. The wildlife was out and about, Galahs all over the place. We walked up the hill behind the campground to watch the sunset because as I keep saying, We do this for the sunsets! We'll definitely have to come back when the Bakery is open, we've been told it's amazing!


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