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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Discovering the breathtaking Coral Coast

We spent almost a week making our way up toward Kalbarri from Geraldton, I think leaving Lucky Bay was the hardest of all.

Our first stop on as the title says the breathtaking Coral Coast was a fairly quick one to check out Horrocks. Another lovely little beach town with a jetty and gorgeous clear water perfectly set up for swimming, not much in the way of wave activity so good for a relaxing dip. Alternatively you could always try your hand at fishing off the jetty. Otherwise there's a caravan park, a little store, take away, local 4x4ing and other activities in the town but we really didn't spend a lot of time here, maybe next time.

Of course you can't stop in at this part of the coast without checking out Pink Lake. It's not quite so bright at ground level but that doesn't change the amazing colour. We went for a wander along the shore and found a big salt deposit along one edge, not entirely sure I'd want to eat it given the pink colour is from an algae reacting to the salt in the lake but then again people do swim in the lake with no ill effects so who knows. The drone footage Paul got from here turned out amazing so do check it out when it's posted.

If you let us we'll go on and on and ON about Lucky Bay. It's located about half an hour south of Kalbarri and is the most stunning beach we came across and that's saying a lot. There is a rock reef just out from the beach which creates a lovely calm lagoon a short drive up the beach which was magnificent to swim in. First stop is the Rangers station to pay the camp fee of $15 per night per vehicle, they do have eftpos during the times the station is manned (would help if I could remember when that was) The campground tucked in behind the dunes has a dump point, rubbish bins and the usual drop toilets but no fresh water so you'd need to bring it in. Dogs are welcomed but need to be kept on a lead as usual. We intended to stay for a couple of nights only but ended up extending because it was just such an amazing location, it's been put on our must return list. From here we headed up to Kalbarri to check out the National Park so I'll finish off with a collage of all the gorgeous little crabs hanging out in the rock reef near the lagoon.


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