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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Brachina Gorge Scenic Drive

Our first day at the Flinders was a drive through the mountains and gorges in a loop. Absolutely stunning but I really wouldn't recommend this without a 4x4.

First stop of the day was the Cazneaux Tree, the information is on the picture or likely online. Lovely spot and the birds were in full swing, very much nesting season if the cockatoos were anything to go by. From there we dropped in at Yanyanna Hut which is a bit of a basic shelter and free campground, there is a water tank but common sense says don't rely on it being full.

It's very hard to express how all these places looked, I'd suggest checking out the videos Paul has put up on the Youtube channel and the extra pics on the Insta page but the views from the lookouts were utterly amazing and impossible to capture quite right with a camera. The drive down the track and through the creeks was lined with rocky cliffs and all sorts of trees and shrubs. We picked the right time to be there, the wildflowers were putting on a show. The track was littered with campsites all the way along, and well spaced out toilets (very important).

After the 4x4 creek drive we came up out of the gorge to finish the loop around with the most amazing views of the mountains. Along the way we did manage to make some adorable little friends. The Bearded Dragon was just sitting on the side of the road, very happy to pose for us. The Kangaroos and wild Goats however took a quick click of the camera before they dashed off into the bushes.

I say this all the time but we do this for the Sunsets! On our way back to camp we saw a group of cars up on a hill and assumed they were all there for the sunset and we were right. The colours were so beautiful we were all wandering about from side to side taking pictures of different angles. It was a really long day but well worth it, this is definitely an area we'd like to revisit again.


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