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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Amazing Adelaide

After we left Berri we spent a few days catching up with a friend in Adelaide who was kind enough to loan us his driveway.

We stayed in the little suburb of St Kilda (yes Adelaide has one too) and I could post any number of pretty pictures of the water and the Jetty, or the Mangroves and the abandoned salt flats but what really was amazing was this incredible playground. The picture is only a small part of it, there were swings of course and an amazing hill/mountain of slides. Kiddo paradise!

We didn't spend all our time playing on the St Kilda playground. We did take a day out to check out the Port Adelaide and Semaphore areas. Local council appear to be doing a fair bit to make the area enticing for visitors, there is a weekend market that we sadly missed and the walk along the water is interesting with plenty of information about local history. If you are into historic buildings there are some beautiful well cared for examples in the area, or if not just a stroll about the shops.

Semaphore was our next stop, right next to Port Adelaide, and if you have kids it's an awesome spot to visit. A beautiful beach right in front of a lovely park with a fenced playground. On weekends, Public and School Holidays you can ride Australia's largest Carousel with 40 horses to choose from.

If trains are more your thing there is a steam train right by the Kiosk that runs Sundays and Public holidays. Why not both? We did leave the waterfront and go for a stroll through town and check out the lovely old buildings in some of the side streets. The cameras got quite a workout because that's what tourists do right? Clicky Clicky!

We just had to catch a train into the City for a look about. Ok it was all about riding a train, oh how we are missing out in Tassie! Adelaide is probably our favorite capital city (sorry Hobart). Ringed by some beautiful parks and the River, a lot has gone into making a great space to spend a day. Not sure why there are pigs in the Mall but they're cute. Even if you aren't into sugary treats, track down Blakeby's old sweet shop if only to have a look at the entrance, it's seriously cool. We managed to wander a bit far afield at one stage and stumbled on the markets which is loaded with stalls for all sorts of food from produce and seafood to smallgoods and flowers, we spent a lot of time looking about and spending a fortune in our heads lol We're fairly sure we'll be back to Adelaide at some point, there is so much we didn't see in the 4 days we spent there so we'll have to see it next time.


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