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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

A Trip around Tinderbox

If you are staying in the Kingston/Blackmans Bay area near Hobart it is well worth it to take an afternoon or morning out to explore around Soldiers Rocks and the Tinderbox area just south of Blackmans Bay.

The rock formations around the Soldiers Rocks part of the coast are amazing, with outcroppings and little cliff faces it's well worth a scramble about on the rocks to see what's around the next corner (and take some pictures).

If you have a canine friend with you there is a very good dog park down treatment plant

road to send him or her for a good offlead run before you head along the coastline. It's a very popular spot for locals and a good job has been done to set it all up. Further down the coast you'll come to Fossil Cove if you turn off Fossil Cove Dr. and surprise surprise there are fossils down there to look at. Needless to say for a few of these locations you'd need good footwear and reasonable mobility.

Our next stop was Piersons Park where there is a small lighthouse and what's left of an old WW2 Battery, a couple of large guns on the top at the park and if you take a short stroll around the walking track the old installation is down there.

So a little bit of history to go with the expected beautiful views. There is an information board up top but it had a LOT of text and we didn't have enough patience to stand and read it unfortunately.

I thought this was going to be a very short little post but it seems not so on we go to Tinderbox Beach which is in a marine reserve. That of course means no fishing but on the other hand it makes for some pretty decent diving and snorkeling I would expect. Not quite the right time of year unless you have a very good wetsuit but there were a couple of hardy looking guys heading out as we arrived. The water was so amazingly clear and there was a very nice picnic shelter and plenty of parking.

Ok I'll wind up now, if you follow the road up the other side the views are very nice (no surprise there), if you turn left into Brightwater Rd. you'll get to Howden which has the coolest book exchange and the largest I've come across in a little shelter shed, good for the bookworms. And a little further up is a short little stroll down to stinkpot bay, yes it is a bit smelly down there but we disturbed so many little wallabies on the way down and despite the smell it's a pretty little walk. Wander down and check it out if you're in the area, well worth the detour.


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