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Cradle Mountain Tasmania

A big rock in the desert or Uluru.

Our next big stop was Yalara/Uluru. We headed into the Northern Territory for a couple of nights at the Yalara caravan park, all the budget allowed for but definitely a must.

It was a bit exciting crossing the NT border given neither of us had been before, only one more state to go and we have the entire collection. The wildflowers on the way through were still putting on a show which broke up the trip a little and then we got our first glimpse of Uluru in the distance. We went to the campground and got set up before heading off to check out Yalara since we had the time. Very touristy but what did we expect given we and most other people in town were just that. Once the afternoon moved on we joined the rest of the tourists at the 'sunset viewing carpark' yes they have a specific place to look at the sun go down on the rock. It was awesome to see, and it really is that bright orange/red/brown colour.

Day two we got up early and headed off to lap the rock, it's not a particularly difficult walk being all flat around but it is 10kms all up. We took our time wandering along looking at everything and photographing more than everything. What was really surprising was how much greenery was around the trail. Lots of trees, wildflowers, birds and a few waterholes still tucked away here and there. By the time we were on the homeward leg the early start began to make so much sense as the weather started to warm up.

Our stroll around Uluru turned into a bit of a day out. We met up with Franc and Effie from Vic and had a lovely chat on the last bit of the walk. So we all headed off together to the cultural centre which had some nice outside areas to sit and eat lunch followed by a very interesting display about local culture and foods. We did wander up to the top of the hill behind the caravan to look at our last sunset at Yalara and take a last minute picture of the campsite because we almost forgot. It was well worth the visit, the campsite was a little on the pricey side but it was well cared for, had security onsite and we did have access to amenities so that was a nice little bonus.


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1 comentário

10 de set. de 2023

Was so nice to meet you guys and chat as we meandered the 2nd half of our Uluru circumnavigation stroll.

Love all your great pics and blogs!

Best wishes, Franc & Effie.

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